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Farm birthday party At Dalby Farm in Scituate MA
We organize, set-up, clean up, and orchestrate everything for your farm birthday party. Just show up and have a good time!

Take advantage of a unique opportunity… learn about, meet and interact with farm animals!



Standard Farm Birthday Party Package

Birthday party haystack hunt

Our Haystack Hunt is a birthday party favorite!

Each birthday party group will start off with a guided tour of the farm. Before beginning the tour though, the birthday child will choose a ‘party animal’ from our selected list. This animal will be introduced to the group at the end of the farm tour and will be the focus of an animal discovery talk where everyone will learn all kinds of fun and educational facts about this animal. In addition, everyone will have the opportunity to actually meet and, many times, pet and interact with him/her.

Following the ‘animal discovery’, the group will retreat to the picnic area up back or the ‘coop’ (depending on the weather) for the final part of the 1 ½ hour celebration. Everyone will commemorate the event with your cake and refreshments. After the celebration, if you opt to, this is the perfect time for the ‘haystack hunt’ and/or distribute other party favors. (Haystack hunt may not be available due to covid, please ask)

The price is $260.00 for up to 10 children. BIRTHDAY PARENTS and 6 additional adults ARE FREE. Each additional child is $12.50 with a party maximum of 28 children. Additional adults are $5.50 per person (includes participation in the farm tour and one free drink). Guests under 12 months, are free.

This package also includes table coverings and one drink (bottled water or juice) per person. In addition, the birthday child* will receive a Dalby Farm Birthday Party T-shirt and a free ‘goodie bag’.

  • Haystack Hunt** for a fee of $55.00 or Jumbo Haystack Hunt** for $65.00 (The Dalby Farm’s version of a pinata – fun for everyone!)
  • Goodie bags, filled with all kinds of old-fashioned fun toys and candy, can also be added for an additional $5.95 per child.
  • Realistic, bendable 12″ wooden snakes are always a hit when added as a party favor for $4.95 each!
  • Add some more fun and order Bath Tub Duckies, in rainbow colors, individually wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a bow, for a fun favor that everyone can take home, for only an additional $2.00 per child. Temporarily OUT OF STOCK!
  • For just $4.50 each, our old-fashioned wooden train whistles make a great favor for your guests. Presented in a cello bag with a raphia tie, kids can’t wait to try them! The deep choo choo sound is easy on the ears vs the high pitched sound from most whistles.
  • To really thrill your guests, for an additional $2.00 per person, you can give them a real peacock ‘eye’ feather; or you can opt to give them a peacock ‘V’ feather for just an additional $1.50 each! (While supplies last).
  • Additional T-shirts are available for purchase at birthday $15.00.
  • Additional beverages can be purchased for $.75 each.

* If there are multiple birthday children, within the same family, (twins, etc), then an additional fee of $30.00 per child will be charged if they are to receive the T-shirt and goodie bag.

Newest Party Option!

Meet  ‘Grover the Gator’  Birthday Package

If you have heard of the ‘Touch a Truck’ event at your local fire department, then you’ll have a pretty good idea what the theme is of this party option.  ‘Grover the Gator’ is the name we have given to our John Deere Gator farm vehicle. Kids LOVE this very useful piece of equipment so much, that we decided to make it one of the highlights of the party!

Grover the John Deer GatorBy choosing this option, the party will begin with Grover’s arrival! The farmer will drive down to the specified location so everyone can see the John Deere Gator in action! Upon his arrival, the party participants will not only get to see Grover close up but also will be able to touch the vehicle!  There will be a brief discussion of how important Grover is to the farm and how it helps make chores so much easier. During this time, party participants will be able to ask questions about Grover, see inside the cab, watch the dump in operation and see the beacon light spin and shine.

This 2-hour ‘Grover the Gator’ Birthday package also includes the opportunity for the birthday child, along with their parents, to sit in the vehicle’s cab for a photo op.  Afterwards, party participants can gather around Grover, for a group shot that you can keep, or even send to each party guest!  A fun and unique memory for everyone! 

‘Grover the Gator’ package not only includes everything as described above, but also everything offered in the Standard Party Package as well. The price is $300.00 for up to 10 children. BIRTHDAY PARENTS and 6 additional adults ARE FREE. Each additional child is $12.50 with a party maximum of 28 children. Additional adults are $5.50 per person (includes participation in the farm tour and one free drink). Guests under 12 months, are free.

‘Story Stroll’ Birthday Package

If you’re looking to experience all the fun of celebrating your birthday on a farm and would like to add something a little different to your event, then the Story Stroll is for you!

Created as another option for younger children, the Story Stroll Birthday Package is sure to engage and enchant little ones, as they stroll through the farm. In addition to greeting each animal as we pass them by, we will also be stopping at specific ‘story spots’ along the trail, where everyone will ‘read’ the featured page of a farm-themed story book. As we meander along, meeting the various animals, you’ll see the children become more and more excited, as we literally stroll through the ‘pages’ of the book! The story ends when the trail ends!

If you opt for the 1 ½  hour Story Stroll Birthday package, in addition to the stroll, you will receive everything offered in the Standard Party Package as well. The price is $285.00 for up to 10 children. BIRTHDAY PARENTS and 6 additional adults  ARE FREE. Each additional child is $12.50 with a party maximum of 28 children. Additional adults are $5.50 per person (includes participation in the farm tour and one free drink). Guests under 12 months, are free.

Craft Activity Birthday Party Package

For even MORE fun, you can choose to add a fun-filled, creative craft activity. By adding this option, you can still enjoy everything offered in the Standard Party Package but instead, the party will be 2  hours long and all  party guests will make a craft that they can take home with them.

The fee for the extended ADD A CRAFT party is $335.00 for up to 10 children. Each additional child is $14.50 with a party maximum of 15 children. Additional adults are $5.50 per person. Ideal for kids over 5 years of age!


Dalby Farm Birthday Party Policies:

  • Birthday parties are scheduled, by availability, any day of the week.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required to reserve date and time requested. A cash or money order down-payment will reserve the date immediately. Checks take time. The balance owed must be paid 14 days prior to the scheduled date. We accept cash, checks and money orders.
  • Only if the party is cancelled due to rain, the $100.oo deposit, will be returned.
  • There is a $35.00 service fee for any returned checks.
  • All parties must begin and end promptly at scheduled times so make sure that all of your guests have directions to the farm and arrive on time.
  • It is recommended that parents bring at least two adults per party. While we organize and orchestrate the party, it is up to the parents to supervise and maintain control of the group.
  • Many rare farm breeds live at the farm and it is imperative that all of the animals are treated with respect and courtesy.
  • Never feed the animals.

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    If you require further assistance, you can reach us at (781) 545-4952.


    If the party is canceled at least one week prior to the scheduled date then 50% (not including the non-refundable $100.00 deposit) of the cost will be refunded.

    ** Disclaimer: Hay used in the “Haystack Hunt” is actual hay and by nature can be dusty and could provoke allergic reactions and /or asthmatic conditions. We recommend that anyone with asthma or related allergies not partake in this party option.

    *Haystack Hunt for 10 kids, Jumbo Haystack Hunt recommended for 11+ kids.

    *Of course you can spice up the party by bringing your own treats, decorations and farm flair! Let us know what you’d like to bring so we’ll know how to accommodate (if applicable).

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