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Guided Tours: Limited availability upon request

Visit Dalby Farm and take a General Animal Tour. Our tours offer an interactive, educational and fun-filled adventure for school groups, daycare facilities, camps, church and scout groups.  Our strong determination to teach the preservation, conservation and appreciation of plants and animals is the foundation of our educational programs.

Each guided animal tour can be customized to your needs according to the age level or areas of interest.  General Animal Tour participants will learn interesting and fun facts about plants and animals. General information about the various species on the farm is discussed. In addition, a presentation outlining some of the different animal foods and products is given. Following this, time is allotted for each group participant to investigate and examine each item through ‘hands on’. For a more detailed, breed-specific, informational tour that also highlights habitats and animal adaptations, the Rare Breeds Discovery should be considered. It is a wonderful option for older elementary school aged children.

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