Our world is in the midst of an ecological crisis. Scientists say that as many as 150 species of life go extinct every day, mostly because of human activity. And it’s not just animals in faraway rainforests that face extinction – livestock breeds that have been cultivated for centuries are vanishing at an alarming rate.

IMG_6116Now more than ever, people are becoming aware of the threats to our environment. But the most important aspect of any conservation effort is education. Future generations need to learn about the importance of our environment and the inherent value of the plants and animals that surround us and depend on us. Being exposed at a young age is particularly important: children that have positive experiences with animals and nature early in life will be more likely to grow up to be conscientious participants in our global ecosystem.

Dalby Farm’s summer programs are interactive learning experiences that expose youngsters to animals, plants and the importance of nature in a safe, positive way. With daily themes specially tailored for each age group, our participants learn through presentations, crafts and games about the critical role that our environment plays and its effect on living things within it. Outdoor, hands-on activities let kids interact with our animals and provides them with the opportunity to take advantage of all the resources of a real farm.

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2022 Summer Programs (Stay tuned!)


Exploring Farm Animals (K-2)


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Pre-K Encounter (ages 3 & 4)

The Experience Summer Learning Program (Children entering grades K – 8)