New life on the Farm :)

New Life on the Farm

We are always so excited to bring new life on to Dalby Farm, especially when they are rare breeds!

If you were to visit us today, you wouldn’t be able to meet them just yet because we have a little process every new creature goes through when they join the family. Just as if you were to bring home a kitten or a new dog, you keep them in a small room for a little while to acclimate and adjust.

However in due time we’ll have 2 new faces to introduce you to- definitely well before the end of the summer.

As you know last year we got Iris and Lottie, and they have grown up to be amazing ladies. They are the hit of every tour, birthday party and program we run here because the girls simply can’t get enough love from all of you!

New life on the farm

Well, we are pleased to tell you about Elsie and Adele- our new Shetland sheep! They are just a couple months old, born on Painted Knoll Farm in New Hampshire. We can’t say enough about the farm they came from, by the way. Nadine treats every single animal there like her own child and it shows in their comfort level with humans!

Elsie (black) and Adele (tan) are currently living in their new home in the barn, getting used to the sounds and smells. It cracks me up because every time I go in there to hang out with them, Iris has to peer over to see what’s going on. Clearly she can’t wait to meet them!

It’ll be a little while before we will have the girls outside in their own yard- this is done strategically. Not only are we in the process of fixing up their yard and fencing, but we want to make sure they are comfortable and not forced to experience too much too fast. We want to give these girls every reason to continue to love human interaction, if not crave it!

In future entries I’ll get into their personalities and quirks. Believe me, Elsie has quite a few- just a few days on the farm and she’s already trying to eat my shoes laces and jewelry- can’t have that! I can’t wait for you to meet them. Stay tuned for history on the Shetland breed and so much more.

Keep up with our Open Farm Days so you’ll be able to meet them as soon as they’re outside 🙂 Someday they’ll be the perfect party animal for your birthday parties too!