Baby Goat Chronicles – Intro

Hello All!

Baby Goat

Lottie (left, 3 weeks) & Iris (~2 weeks), their first day on Dalby Farm (4/23/16)

As I mentioned in my last post, we are thrilled to tell you we now have Iris (~3 weeks) and Lottie (1 month, today!) – two sweet baby girl goats (Mini Nubian) – who are currently being bottle-raised & residing in the mud room of our home. We brought them home last Saturday so we can officially say they have been here for 1 week!

Before I get into the details of life with these new babies, I first want to thank the Wood family, of Scituate, MA (a special nod to Adrienne & Colette). Their family is so kind and generous in a number of ways– but we can also now call them our first ‘animal sponsorship‘ participant.  If you frequent the farm you probably know of Adrienne, as she is one of several girls who has “grown up” with us. 10 years ago she signed up for our Summer Learning Program, and never really left! She now works for us as a ‘camp’ counselor, tour guide and animal caregiver! Adrienne has an infectious passion for animals and the environment- and we like to think Dalby had a lot to do with that. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to us that her family would offer to sponsor the purchase of Iris in Adrienne’s name and in celebration of her high school graduation… since years ago it was Adrienne who asked her family to donate money to us as her Christmas present. This family has been a strong advocate for us and a light in some of the darker, hard times we’ve faced. I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to express our gratitude fully.

With the purchase of Iris –  two amazing things were accomplished at once: a dream of Adrienne’s came true, and we were given the gift of caring for this sweet and loving doe. We wouldn’t have been able to give Iris a sister, Lottie- without the selfless act of giving we so graciously accepted and wanted everyone to know!

We hope you enjoy our blogs about raising these baby girls. It is the first time in 12 years that we have been able to bring bottle babies to the farm, so it is bound to be an experience for all! Whether you’re considering the purchase of baby goats for the first time, need some convincing to go at it again- or you’re just an animal lover- please enjoy the ride!

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