A Successful Hatch Celebration

Dalby Farm Spring Hatch Celebration

Hello to all!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who came out to support our Annual Spring Hatch Celebration today.  This day is always very special to us at the Farm because it is not only the start to another lovely season here at Dalby but it also is the literal start of many new lives.

There is nothing more refreshing than welcoming new generations of various animals to the farm- especially after this year, as we lost some treasured ‘old timers’ (RIP Nate the Nubian Goat, Sophie the Sheep, and Kat the Arapawa Island Goat who spent an amazing 15 years with us).  These losses left us with extremely heavy hearts through 2015, as they all had been with us since the very start of our “re-launch” as a farm over a decade ago.

If you have a pet at home I am sure you will relate to the emptiness you experience when they are no longer with you. There is nothing that can be done to get through beyond believing you have given them the most incredible life possible. In our case, we know this is true for our animals. Not only were they deeply cared for by our family (aka the ‘farm staff) but they had pleasure of meeting so many of you. They were given the chance to educate you and your children- hopefully on a beautiful day. To remind you that the term, ‘endangered species’ does include farm animals as so many don’t realize… I hope they brightened your days as much as they did ours.

However I am of the belief that going through the pain of loss is not a good enough excuse to refrain from our mission. It would be a huge dishonor to every sweet animal we’ve ever had to not continue to accept new life and give them our very best. With that I am pleased to say we not only have ~40 baby chicks and ducks- but also have two baby does, Iris and Lottie – to introduce to all visitors this season and beyond. We will be posting about our ‘Baby Goat Chronicles‘ on a weekly basis 🙂

It was our pleasure to start the 2016 season with you, I hope to see you/your family book a Birthday Party, General tour-  or even take part in one of our Summer Learning Programs. Every penny we take from you goes directly back to the farm/animals. You make it possible for us to be able to give our animals the love, attention and dedication they so greatly deserve.

See you soon and thanks again to all!

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